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XML Team is the forth company I will profile from the FSTA Winter Business Conference. They aggregate sports content from different sources including; Sportsnetwork, Infostrada, Fantasy Sports Services inc., Rotoworld as well as other stats and content providers…  Along with their normalized SportsML feed, XML Team has developed a software (Feed Fetcher and Feed Fetcher Deluxe) which  can save the client numerous time and resources, as it loads this sports data into a SQL database directly onto the client server and allows them to query their own database. 

Pricing varies based on:  which content sets and games are licensed, how you want your content delivered and occasionally, how you’re using the data.  You will have scores, schedules, standings and rosters constantly updated.  There are compelling and easy-to-learn Fantasy Sports games as well.  Detailed and timely injuries, trades, analyses, weather, odds, news and feature stories.  Also stats and hundreds of regularly updated statistical reports.  The software sits on your own site so it resides in your server.   You don’t have to build your own database.  Just ask for Jerry Karben if you are interested, (800) XML-TEAM x793.  Here is their website as well, http://www.xmlteam.com/.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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