Every sports matchup you can dream of will be on National Television today.  The Boston Celtics take on the new look Orlando Magic at 11:30 AM WST then the dream match the Miami Heat go to LA to take on the Lakers at 2 PM WST both on ABC.  Even the Dallas Cowboys will go to Arizona to play the pushover Cardinals at 4:30 PM WST on NFL Network.

If you really want to watch more games then just those ESPN has 3 other games for you.  Before the sexier match ups of the day the Chicago Bulls go to New York to play the Knicks at 9 AM WST.  Then after the sexier match ups the Denver Nuggets go to Oklahoma to play the Thunder at 5 PM WST.  Even after that there is one last game, the Portland Trailbrazers travel to Oakland to play the Golden State Warriors at 7:30 PM WST.

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