With Kim Kardashian gone can Reggie Bush finally shine?


Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian just broke up.  So how good can Bush be?  While Bush might have quickness and versatility he is a change of pace back.  He isn’t big enough of or durable enough to be an every down back due to his lack strength and power.  He is best at being allusive of tackles than breaking tackles.  This also explains why he runs out of bounds instead of lowering his shoulders getting ready for impact and willing his way for extra yards.

Yes, he makes exciting plays but at the end of the day he is just too small to draft any higher than the 4th round.  Reggie Bush might never be a one of the better rushing running back in the league but overall he he is a good running back due to his receiving skills and return skills.  I guess Ray J’s (Kim Kardashian’s ex) was right, he had commented after they had a confrontation in a Louis Vuitton store, “He did what he does best run”.

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