Williams Bryant Beef

“I’m not doing it.  I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads.  If I was a free agent, it would still be the same thing. I just feel like I’m here to play football. I’m here to try to help win a championship, not carry someone’s pads. I’m saying that out of no disrespect to [anyone].  I don’t believe in that at all.  We have a goal here.  It’s not about playing games.  It’s all about just trying to do the right thing and achieve our goal”, Dez Bryant.

“Everybody has to go through it.  I had to go through it.  No matter if you’re a No. 1 pick or the 7,000th pick, you’ve still got to do something when you’re a rookie.  I carried pads.  I paid for dinners.  I paid for lunches.  I did everything I was supposed to do, because I didn’t want to be that guy”, Roy Williams.

Williams has even threatened to go to “step two”.  What is step two, you might ask?  “We’ll find out. Definitely going to find out.  I don’t know. I’ve seen guys take people’s credit cards and go fill up their cards and wife’s cards and everything.  There’s a lot of dirt that goes on in that locker room,” Williams said.

Sounds to me this is step one in the Williams Bryant Beef over the number two wide receiver spot.  Then later Williams had more to say on that vary issue.”I bought a Ford F-250 2011.  Everybody loves a new car but I also have a 2004 Navigator that’s still running.  So that’s the way I feel.”

Its interesting Williams has this much to say after complimenting Bryant’s play and he even said he could come to him with any questions.  The real meaning behind all of this is that Williams can see the writing on the wall more and more with every passing day so he is desperate to try anything to slow down Bryant from taking his starting spot.  If I were Williams I would practice more with Tony Romo to finally get a consistant connection down and stop trying to embrass Bryant.

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