Where to T-Mac?

So T-Mac wants more playing time and the Houston Rockets don’t want to give it to him.  So they gave him some time off a few days back.  Now the Rockets are trying hard to trade him.   The man does have an  expiring contract of $23.2 million.  But they want a All-Star or a player who they feel will be an All-Star soon in return.  

There are two players they like allot, Golden State’s Anthony Randolph and Sacramento’s Kevin Martin.  But since T-Mac’s contract number is so high most teams would have to give a bunch of contracts to make the numbers work.   The Washington Wizards have tried to open talks about trading Gilbert Arenas.   But we all know that he has similar knee problems and four seasons left after this one on a $111 million contract. 

Don’t be suprised if the Dallas Mavericks make a move for him.  Their owner, Mark Cuban is never scared to spend.  And we all know that Cuban would love to get Chris Bosh back in Texas by signing him to a free agent contract with all the salary cap space T-Mac’s contract would clear up.

T-Mac has still got it.  If you can get him cheap, get him.  T-Mac is the kind of fantasy guy you want low risk, high reward. 

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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