Welcome Bill Simmons

Finally got to chat with my favorite sports personality, Bill Simmons, of ESPN.  I made sure to tell him about the wonders of CloudFantasy and I know he will be taking alook at it soon.  Don’t worry I have included many pictures of our meeting for all to see.

<!–more<!–moreHere is the new softcover version of his book, The Book of Basketball, which he came to San Francisco today to promote.  It’s a damn good read, full of amazing viewpoints even more fun to read than even mine.  Make sure to go pick up a copy, it’s only $12.16 on Amazon.

Let me give you a taste of some of the stuff he loves to talk about in all the many forms of media he is consumable by.  He explains why people keep watching Jennifer Aniston movies, even my mom got a kick of that.  How the Sports Gal, his wife, gets in fights with Michael David Rapaport while driving.  And why he calls his son the CEO.  He has plenty of sports thoughts as well.  He tell us why he loves Kevin Durant, the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox.  He explains how Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Magic Johnson had to switch roles of who was the Aplha Dog in the late 80′s and how their one year of indecision cost them a title.  And my new favorite is of how Lebron James and Dwyane Wade are going to get in a fight once they both see a 6’2 half Armenian half Cuban girl at the club and can’t decide who gets her, classic.

The point I am trying to make from all this is the man is one of our cool friends talking about sports where we can sit back and just enjoy it all.

Really nice fellow but even better writer and have you heard his podcasts?  I don’t even like podcasts but I listen to all of his.  Before I go to bed I like to lay down and hook my laptop to my Boston Acoustics Tabletop Radio and hear the sounds and witty bantering of Bill Simmons and his array of guests including personal favorites Cousin Sal and Dan Le Batard.

Liked the way he signed my book.  To Farhan, Good Luck On The Site, Bill Simmons.   









Look at the lovely poster that was given away with all Bill Simmons signings tonight.  You can really see how it was custom made to fit the book.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him  here

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