TO Bashes Coaches

“I think there’s underachieving from the top down.  You start with the owner, you start with the coaches. And obviously we as players, we are a product of what the coaches are coaching us throughout the course of the week.  Of course, we have to go out there and play the game. But in order for us to do what we’re allowed to do at the best of our abilities, the coaches have to put the players in the best position.”  And I thought it was a slow news day but then TO spoke.  But don’t worry he continued.

“Yeah, my frustration pretty much is at an all-time high.  I pretty much have been quiet all year, but the fact that I was brought in here to kind of help this team get to the playoffs, and to be where we are right now is very disappointing.”  How am I even suppose to respond to this? 

Your team is 2-11 and your getting beat every which way and this is what you have to say?  I love me some TO but he has to keep quiet.  He has put up amazing stats this year but he has to remember nobody wanted him during the off season and he hasn’t proven this year that he can help a team win.  Now I don’t blame TO, the man has put up 72 receptions, 983 years with 9 touchdowns but he has to keep quiet.  I am sure without this outburst some team maybe even his current team would have re-signed him but now I know two things for sure the Cincinnati Bengals are a mess and will not re-sign TO.

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