This morning I did a mock draft

Here are my observations from the draft

First I drafted Maurice Jones-Drew, then I had to make a tough choice between Frank Gore or Randy Moss.  Gore who had a bit of an off year last year or Moss, the same Moss who I took number 1 for his 2 year with the Raider where he clearly flopped. I took Gore with my second pick and was still able to take Moss with my 3rd pick.  For my 4th pick I had a choice between Marion Barber or Tony Romo.  Drafted Barber since he has been a top 5 Fantasy player and still got Romo with my next pick.  6th pick there was LenDale White and a bunch of WRs.  Took White then took Braylon Edwards who I feel will recover from his off year last season.  Aaron Rodgers or Hines Ward was next.  I took Rodgers since I need a backup Quarterback and since I didn’t know if Tony Romo would still deliver after losing TO, so I had to hedge my bets.  Missed out on Ward with the next round and took Santana Moss, hopefully not too much of a downgrade.  Next up was Santonio Holmes or Lee Evens, hmm, the TO Factor (will TO take all the receptions or give more options for his fellow recievers) . Took Santonio Holmes and got Lee Evens next.  Then had to pick between Tory Holt, Donald Driver, Steve Breaston, Micheal Crabtree and Darren Sproles.  Took Holt then still got Driver next.  Sadly Micheal Crabtree got picked shortly after that then lost Breaston.  Drafted Sproles  while eyeing Jermey Shockey at TE.  I drafteed Sproles on the chance that LaDainian Tomlinson gets less carriers and for the possible weeks LT is injured.  Shockey left with the next pick so I drafted Deion Branch.

A lesson learned?

I took 3 running backs with my first 4 picks and 1 quarterback and 1 wide receiver with my first 5 picks which worked out well.  But I didn’t draft a single tight end.  But somehow I drafted 8 wide receivers, 8 wide receivers but not a single tight end?  You need at least 5 wide receivers since you start 3 and there are bye weeks to account for.  But taking 8 wide receivers of similar talent levels just creates unnecessary problems.

I didn’t draft kickers and defense

I usually get kickers and defense from the waiver wire after the draft is over.  And if you must draft kickers and defense draft them from the later rounds only.

My Mock Draft Team

1. Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac – RB)

2. Frank Gore (SF – RB)

3. Randy Moss (NE – WR)

4. Marion Barber (Dal – RB)

5. Tony Romo (Dal – QB)

6. LenDale White (Ten – RB)

7. Braylon Edwards (Cle – WR)

8. Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB)

9. Santana Moss (Was – WR)

10. Santonio Holmes (Pit – WR)

11. Lee Evans (Buf – WR)

12. Torry Holt (Jac – WR)

13. Donald Driver (GB – WR)

14. Darren Sproles (SD – RB)

15. Deion Branch (Sea – WR)

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