The World Wide Leader in Fantasy Sports?

ESPN is the third company I am profiling from the FSTA Winter Business Conference.  I met John Diver, their Senior Director of Product Development Technology Group.  He also is the head of Streak for Cash, ESPN’s 3rd most popular fantasy game in terms of unique users and was the winner of Unique Contest held by FSTA at this conference.  Streak for Cash is even bigger than Fantasy Baseball.  Fantasy Football is the most popular ESPN fantasy game and followed by the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Challenge.

In Streak for Cash, you make picks on various sporting events and ESPN gives away big prizes.  They have already given away over $2.2 million since the game started in August 2008. On average 400,000 picks are made per day.   During the height of the NCAA Basketball Tournament 09, 15 picks were made per second.

You can make picks on all sports even cricket.  Since ESPN is a sports television station first, their air material is important, so they like to double dip if you will.  So they will have plenty for you to pick on for all of sporting events they are airing.  This way you will be drawn to turn in to ESPN to watch the game.

In the current version of the game $100,000 is awarded to the person with the longest streak at the end of each month.  All streaks are reset to 0 at the beginning of each month.  Sounds worth trying out, I mean no cost to me and I can earn $100,000, no downside.

You might wonder if it is free to play, how do they make money?  Progressive has a lot and I do mean a lot of faith in Streak for Cash.  They have both 15 and 30 second commercials airing on ESPN TV networks.  Plus they have their logo all over the Streak for Cash page.

Since the game started in August of 2008 over 188,000,000 total picks have been made with players having a 52.3% overall winning percentage.  That a whole lot of winning.  So do your research before making picks.

Matthew J. Berry and Nate Ravitz are in charge of the stories that get on fantasy portion of the website.  Even though they feature good articles, John feels bloggers help since the more information the better.  End of the day the consensus of the conference was blogs are good for all sports business, especially for the big boys and ESPN is the biggest boy on the block if not the universe. does their video podcasts in the same studios, with same equipment as their ESPN television stations.  A few minutes after he shared this with me, they won best video podcast and best fantasy sports broadcast presentation.  This only proves how ESPN uses their leg up in the video aspect to their advantage for video podcasting and sports broadcasts.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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