The Replacements

I am not talking about the movie with Keanu Reeves; I’m talking about the 52nd and 53rd players that played in the Colts game against the Jets. No disrespect to those players, but they would usually never see the field unless something drastic happened.  Today, that drastic event happened when Mr. Caldwell pulled his starters with a five point lead in the third quarter.

The sports world is in up roar about the Colts giving away the game to the Jets, but when you look at it, what would have happened if Peyton Manning or Joseph Addai got hurt in the fourth?  We would all be saying why he didn’t rest his starters earlier.  It’s a double edge sword that has no clear positive result.  The Colts had absolutely nothing to play for; everything had been locked up in the previous weeks.  Why not give the last guys on your bench a chance to shine?

I feel that since the Colts have been to the playoffs before, they know how to regain any momentum that comes from today’s loss.  They have the coaching, players, and leadership to put things together to get them ready for the playoffs.  This debate will continue to go on forever and will not yield a result that everyone is happy with.  We can always ask questions in hindsight and that is unfair to do, sometimes you just get beat and sometimes you might not be destined for the Super Bowl, there are better teams out there.  The Colts will go far in the playoffs and they can ignore all the scrutiny they are facing from media.

Harrison Tzvi Ellman writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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