The Adalius Thomas Market

The New England Patriots just released Adalius Thomas on to the open market and the market is buzzing with interest from almost every team.  The San Francisco 49ers went after him hard a few seasons back.  And who was leading that charge, the Miami Dolphins defensive cordinator, Mike Nolan, who was the 49ers head coach back then.

The Green Bay Packers need the most help at his postion.  The Seattle Seahawks tried trading for him earlier this season.  The Kansas City Chiefs might go after him but I don’t know how their new defensive coordinator, Romeo Crennel, feels about Thomas, he was after all on the coaching staff in New England. 

Then there is the New York Jets with their head coach, Rex Ryan, wanting Thomas as well and it doesn’t hurt that he would help in sticking it to their most hated rival, the Patriots.  Then again the Jets just signed the dancing with stars, Jason Taylor.  And how can we forget a return to the Baltimore Ravens?

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