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The two biggest Chinese players are making big news today in the NBA.  Yi Jianlian and $3 million is about to get traded from the New Jersey Nets to the Washington Wizards for Quinton Ross and the Wizards’ trade exception.  And Yao Ming has decided to not opt out of his contract.  Both smart moves;  the Nets wanted more cap space to sign two max guys and Yao knows he won’t get no $17.69 Million for next season from anybody else. 

Fantasy Basketball players rejoice for now Yao’s teammates will get easier shots.  And John Wall owners will get more assists from Yi’s sharp shooting.  Feel free and pick up Yi his 12 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist on 40% shooting with 36.6% from downtown will go up.  But his 80% from the free throw line will stay the same.  It’s not like Wall is going to pass him the ball at the free throw line.  Love how the Wizards are getting good young players just for cap space.  I feel that both of these moves will make China and Fantasy Basketball players proud.

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