Spree’s Lin’s Favorite Player

Watching Jeremy Lin the past few weeks I have wondered why does this player resonate with me so much and why does it feel so familiar?  What is it that he is doing?  Now I have figured it out.  Lin has just said his favorite player growing up was Latrell Sprewell who is also my favorite NBA Player of All Time!  In some ways their careers have parallels.  From getting drafted way too low (Spree) or not getting drafted at all (Lin).  To leaving the Golden State Warriors to go to the New York Knicks where they came of the bench for weeks during a lockout season, played really well, finally got to start and got Madison Square Garden in a frenzy with everyone in New York including Spike Lee and even Jay-Z in the hottest rap video at the time (Spree), H To The Izzo, rocking their jersey with great pride.  Now the only question is can Lin lead the New York Knicks to the NBA Finals as our favorite player did?

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