Sony Ericsson Arc Preview

Some people are waiting for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and for probably $200 at Verizon (in the US) it might not be a bad idea.  But I have to ask instead of being stuck with paying $40 a month for a data plan for 2 years why not buy the way more powerful PSP2 (NGP) for $250-$300 and buy the way lighter and more powerful Sony Ericsson Arc?  Currently the best price you can get on the Arc Unlocked might be $639 but it is dropping.  I mean it was $750 when it first released a month ago and if you live in Europe or Canada you can get it with a 2 or 3 year contract fairly cheap (if you like contracts that is).

The good news is the Sony Ericsson Arc has just arrived at the Cloud Fantasy Offices and I will be able to tell you what to do hopefully by Sunday.  I mean being able to play games on your cell phone all the time sounds like a good idea but why have a cell phone that plays video games if it only has C grade graphics while weighing you down with 6.17 ounces?  While the sleek and might I add sexy Arc only weighs 4.13 ounces and you can get the Sony NGP which probably weighs as much as the Sony Go (based on first hand accounts I have heard from people that have played both) at 5.6 ounces?  Let’s face it you aren’t going to play video games every single day, but just a few days a week so there is no need for the added weight.  And lastly don’t forget there has never been a cell phone that is a good cell phone and game system just in case you forgot, Ladies and Gentlemen, the N-Gage.

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