San Francisco Giants January Report

The biggest move that the Giants made may have been the latest one, resigning Bengie Molina to a one year deal.  It appears that what the Giants have seen from Buster Posey in the winter league that he still needs some seasoning.  I believe this will have a positive effect on Posey’s mental state, rather than being thrown into an everyday catcher at the major league level in April.  If you look at all of the other catchers available, Molina was the best of the bunch and he accepted a one year offer, which he wasn’t going to do during all of the discussions that went on last season.

I may kick myself for saying this now, but the Giants quite possibly have four players that could hit twenty home runs or more for them this upcoming season.  Huff, Molina, DeRosa, and Sandoval are the possible members of that 20 HR club, who knows maybe Nate Schierholtz could join the club.  The Giants haven’t had that many players who hit 20 or more home runs since 1999, the days of Barry Bonds, J.T. Snow, Jeff Kent, Rich Aurilia, and Ellis Burks.  I know that the Giants offense doesn’t have the big names but they are putting pieces together for a run to the playoffs.

I also like that the Giants kept Jonathan Sanchez around for a year.  The young kid, Bumgarner will assume the fifth spot in the rotation.  It looks like the Giants won’t be signing any more players this year so hopefully someone steps up for a more serious role in the relief core.  I would say that I am happy with the moves that were made this offseason and I can’t wait for opening day. Don’t forget about Fan fest at AT&T Park on February 6th.

Harrison Tzvi Ellman writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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