Roy is Back

Brandon Roy came back last night a mere eight days after surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee and took his team to a 96-87 victory over Phoneix with his mere presence.  He was drowned out by a deafening ovation the second he came in the game (the 4:06 mark of the first quarter to be exact).  He might have played a quiet 26 minutes but in the last five minutes he made his presence felt.  He knocked down a 3-point dagger at the 4:55 mark to give the Blazers a 85-79 lead.  He even had a jumper as well as part of  a 13-4 run late in the fourth quarter.

This is a situation where 10 points is more than just 10 points as Roy scored last night.  He might have shot 4 for 10 but he made the defense guard him and give their full attention.  This lead to his teammates having alot less pressure on themselves as seen in this picture of Roy getting double teamed then just treading the needle to LaMarcus Aldridge, who scored a playoff career-high 31 points, for a wide open shot.

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