Ron Artest has done it again

“I can’t remember” was said 15 times from Ron Ron.  What was he talking about this time?  Talking about his injury.  It was first reported he tripped over a box and fell down the stairs at his house on Friday.  Then it changed to he was holding a box and fell down the stairs.

Now we are hearing he fell outside as he was about to go up the stairs to his home after returning from the game.  “The stairs really didn’t have to do with anything,” said Artest, apparently still somewhat out of it. “It was really concrete. … I think I could have fell down a whole staircase and not gotten as hurt. The concrete was the main part.” Huh, what in the world does that mean?

He got a few staples to the back of the head, stitches on his left elbow and scrapes on his lower back.  He has missed 3 games.  And no one know when he will be back, but they keep saying soon.  I am still confused by all of this.  Wish you well, Artest.

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