Riley to chit chat with our Fav Fav5er

The Flash is no longer fighting to go to the basket instead he is settling for too many jumpers which isn’t his strong suit.  It seems that he doesn’t care and is just waiting for next season to start with his one or two new Super Star Free Agents most likely Lebron James and Chris Bosh.   Even though I want him to team up with Amar’e Stoudemire.  The Flash at 85% is not bad.  But Miami Heat president, Pat Riley,  isn’t ok with that. 

Riley told The Miami Herald he has plans to address concerns about Dwyane Wade’s conditioning that could be a factor in the guard’s drop-off in production from last season.  Riley also said he’s not walking around on eggshells because he doesn’t want to upset Wade.  “He’s not there right now,” Riley said. “So I get out of my president’s chair and into my coaching chair — I know he’ll probably say I’m nitpicking. His efficiency is down. We’ll address what it is we can do to help you maintain that lean, mean scoring machine you were a year ago.””There isn’t anybody that loves Dwyane more than me, and there isn’t anybody that will be more honest with him than me. There isn’t anybody in this organization, believe me, walking around on eggshells because of Dwyane.” 

Talk about taking a big risk on Riley’s part.  I mean we all know Wade is a free agent at season’s end and can easily go to New York or Chicago (his hometown).  But I have to give Riley credit for having the guts to challange Wade.  I think after they talk Wade’s fantasy numbers will go up due to his not taking as many jumpers which just drive his field goal and points per game down.

But there is one other thought.  What if Wade just tells Riley, “Why should I sacrifice my body this season when we will make the playoffs and be out in the first round either way?  I am better off just saving myself for next season with my two Super Star Free Agents.  The team is clearly taking this year off, I don’t see why I can’t play at 85%.”

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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