Ricky Rubio Out

Ricky Rubio is out for the rest of the season days after landing this offensive SLAM Cover.  On one hand I am sad Rubio, my Rookie of the Year pick is out for the rest of the season (even though Kyrie Irving might be the better player).  On the other hand how do you go from one of the most Gangster Rapping Magazine Covers of All Time (original cover inside) to two white boys (ok, ok a white boy and a Euro)?  Talk about a DROP OFF!

 The thing is when the orginal cover came out in the 90′s with KG and Starbury everyone was going crazy over it. It’s still goes for $20 easy on ebay! And now there are two white boys not even trying re-making the same cover? It hurts my feelings. I mean it’s ok to be white but at least try to look cool and give me some entertainment. Compare the covers, there is no comparison. I need SLAM to give me what I want, not this slap in the face to my childhood.

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