PlayStation Move

Sony has just dropped the PlayStation Move and they are advertising for it like there is no tomorrow.  Everybody wants to know if it is any good.  Well, your in luck I just ordered the Playstation Move Sports Champions Bundle (consisting of the PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye Camera and a game that heavily uses the Move, Sports Champions) and while I was at it I got the PS3 Move Navigation Controller. 

I ordered everything from ebay for $118 shipped priority with no sales tax so it should be arriving Wednesday.  Do read my full PlayStation Move Review this Friday where I will tell of how it performs playing NBA 2K11, Def Jam Rapstar, John Daly’s ProStroke Golf (comes out this week) and Sports Champions.  And then next week I will even have a full article telling of how the Move is to play next week’s PS3 release, Get Fit With Mel B (yes, Scary Spice has a workout game).

Editor’s Note –

For those of you wondering about the price of the PlayStation Move, the PlayStation Move Sports Champions Bundle retails for $99.99, the PS3 Move Motion Controller retails for $49.99, the PlayStation Eye retails for $39.99, Sport Champions (Game) $39.99 and the PS3 Move Navigation Controller (not included in the Move Sports Champions Bundle) retails for $29.99.



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