Patrick Crayton Traded

“I’m glad that it’s over so I can now know what needs to be focused on.  I’m going to a contender.  A legitimate shot to go out there and be the No. 2 and contribute.  You know I’m licking my chops about that one.  I go from one Pro Bowl quarterback [Tony Romo] to another [Philip Rivers].  One Pro Bowl tight end [Jason Witten] to another [Antonio Gates].  Another dominant defense, a nice, young running back, a good offensive line … I’m looking forward to it.”  Patrick Crayton sounds happy, I know he had a long summer thinking about all of this.  Crayton and backup offensive lineman Pat McQuistan got to the San Diego Chargers for a seventh-round pick in next year’s draft which will be upgraded to a sixth-round pick if Crayton catches 40 or more passes in 2010.

Earlier in the day, these were the comments, “why wait?  It is clear the direction in which the organization is moving in.  Crayton is not part of the rebuilding plans.”  These were Patrick Crayton’s agent’s, Fred Lyles, thoughts about Crayton’s situation.  Then Crayton said, “you always wonder what it is.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, though.”  Yes, Crayton wanted to be released.  But I wonder why didn’t the Cowboys just release some of the C grade wide receivers on their roster? 

The Cowboys had thought about cutting or releasing Sam Hurd.  Sam Hurd or Patrick Crayton was the question.  Sam Hurt is a nice C grade or worse wide receiver who someday might get better but Patrick Crayton is a B grade wide receiver who has been a big part of the offensive for years now and has a great partnership with quarterback Tony Romo.  They should have got rid of Hurd and kept Crayton.

Fantasy Football players, this is a DAMN GOOD trade for Crayton, he is going to a very good team, with a very good offense, a very good quarterback, great tightend, and very good running backs.  He might even be the Charger 1# wide reciever as long as Vincent Jackson sits out.  Love this move Fantasy Football players. 

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