October Baseball 2009 Edition

Dodgers vs. Yankees

Who do you think will take it all and get to raise that World Series trophy up high?  I know what teams I want to see fight it out.  But let me break down the current playoff matchups to see if those teams will be there.

Yankees vs. Twins

The Twins have been the hottest team in the Majors right now.  But anyone that makes up 7 games in September, wins a one game playoff to win the division, has some form of fire in their corner.  The problem is that they are now playing to the offensive juggernaut known as the New York Yankees.  The Yankees simply outplay them in every aspect of the box score. The Twins do the little things, move the runner over and play awesome defense.  The problem is that the Yankees just hit the ball out of the park more frequently, and play in the reincarnation of Coors Field, in terms of offense.  The Twins pitching simply isn’t there, there is no stud number one ace, and they get the job done, but against this opponent, they need to pitch out of their minds. I predict that the Yankees will sweep, but you have to give a pat on the back to Ron Gardenhire and the whole Twins team for getting to this point.

Red Sox vs. Angels

Entering tonight, the Angels have lost 9 of 10 postseason games to the Red Sox.  Tonight, the Angels pulled out all the string, while keep the Rally Monkey in its cage to win 5-0. Damn that Monkey, or you might Shake it if you are Lil’ Jon. Speaking of someone named John, Mr. Lackey was dominant, holding the Red Sox hitters at bay for 7.1 innings, only surrendering four hits during that span. The Angels will face Beckett tomorrow and who knows which Beckett you will get.  Usually in the postseason, it will be the dominant one, but he has been up and down all year.  Everyone in the Angels lineup got a hit, except Chone Figgins and Bobby Abreu, although Abreu drew four walks and scored a run. He was the igniter for the Angels and I predict the Angels will finally end the hex of the Red Sox this year.  Let’s say it will take four games to do it.

Rockies vs. Phillies

If anyone remembers the 2007 season for the Rockies, they made the playoff, but who did they beat to get there? The Rockies split with the Phillies in the first few games, but won two games at home to take the best of five series. The Rockies are in the same position this year, with the series being tied, and they are heading home. I believe that the two games in Colorado could be high scoring, because these two offenses can’t be kept under wraps for too long. I also am not sure on how Pedro Martinez will fare if he gets the ball in game three or Joe Blanton for that matter. There is no telling what will happen in this series, I feel that it can go either way. I think that teams are strong, they are exceptional at every position, this series will go 5 games and you can flip a coin on who will win that decisive game.

Dodgers vs. Cardinals

This series seems to be the one that no one picked correctly. With Carpenter and Wainwright going for the first two games, it should be a split at least. The pairing of Carpenter and Wainwright back to back happened 18 times this season, and the only time the Cardinals lost two games in a row was once, 17 times they either split or won both. The Dodgers have the big cushion thanks to a few unlikely things. First, the pitching of Jeff Weaver in game one, after Randy Wolf pitched 3 and 2/3 innings. Second, the error of Matt Holliday, he has played 63 games with the Cardinals this year, and he only made one error up to tonight’s game.  The Dodgers only got 5 hits tonight, but they made them count. And yes, even Mark Loretta, who I met at a bar in New York, capped off the rally with a walk-off single. I could see the Dodgers continue their high ride of a 2-0 lead and pull of the sweep by beating Joel Piniero. Who wouldn’t want to see the definitive teacher versus pupil in the World Series?

 Harrison Tzvi Ellman writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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