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I got 5 on it

Vince Young has led the Tennessee Titans to 5 straight victories after their 0 and 6 start.  Should you add him to your fantasy team?  Maybe.  Is he MVP material?  Too soon to tell.  The question is if he is more than just this years feel good story.

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Farve MVP?

I don’t know if Farve is the MVP this season but I do know this is the best season of his career.  24 touchdown with only 3 interceptions?  Think about those numbers. 

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Fav5 Fantasy Starts Week 12

Week 12 is here.  Who should you start?  Who is waiting to finally break out? 1.  My favorite fantasy wide reciever from last season is back, Anquan Boldin.  He made some big plays last week and scored a touchdown.  Get ready to see some more.

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My Week Twelve Picks …..

Last week I had mentioned I only went 8-7 the previous week but before that the previous 4 weeks I was right about 74% of the games.  Last week I came back winning 13-3.  So feel free and count on me to deliver. My Week Twelve Picks …..

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THX is officially here, Cowboys won

My favorite part of thanksgiving is watching the Dallas Cowboys.  As an American I need entertainment, Felix Jones took care of that early with a 46 yard touchdown.  As a fantasy owner I need fantasy points and I got them.  Miles Austin did it again, a touchdown and 145 yards to give you 20.50 fantasy points.  While […]

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Turkey Day Matchups

The first game on the agenda is the gold standard for Thanksgiving Day, the Lions versus the Packers.  The Packers are coming off two sound weeks of football. First they defeated the Cowboys 17-7 and followed that up by defeating the Niners last week 30-24.  However, the Lions are riding high after a 38-37 victory […]

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TO is Back!

After a subpar first half to his season TO is heating up.  Today he had a 98 yard touchdown, 9 receptions and 197 yards.  Last week he has 3 receptions and 85 yards.  Good thing I added him off waivers 2 weeks ago.

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My Week Eleven Picks …..

After going 39 and 14 the last 4 weeks for a 74% winning percentage I knew it all had to come crashing down.  Last week I went 8 and 7.  This has left me seeing double.  Can I recover?  Look at my picks to see if I still got it. My Week Eleven Picks …..   […]

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Add Ricky Williams Now

No Ronnie Brown, no problem.  Ricky Williams exploded on Thursday Night Football.  He rushed for 2 touchdowns and 119 yards while receiving 1 touchdown and 19 yards.  You want fantasy points?  Williams gave us 31.80 fantasy points.

WildCat Down

Ronnie Brown is out for the rest of the season.  So you need to pick somone up, but who?  Looking at a few fantasy football leagues I see some good options.  For example Rickey Williams will get the ball all game long now.

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