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Pacman a Bengal

“To gain you guys’ trust is not going to come overnight.  It’s going to take time.”  This was said after the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday held practice with Mr. Make it Rain himself, Adam “Pacman” Jones.  “I think I still have the skill set that I’ve had that made me a high draft choice,” Jones said. […]

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JaMarcus Cut

JaMarcus Russell has finally been cut.  Wow, that took a long time.   Was he ever any good?  How could he have been soo lazy?  He ate his way out of Oakland.  The even sadder thing is he never cared at all. 

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Meet Ed Wang, and No He’s Not Your Accountant

In the 5th round of the 2010 NFL draft last weekend in New York City, a monumental moment in sports history was made.  No, Michael Jordan didn’t decide to come out of retirement, and no, the 49ers didn’t decide to replace Alex Smith with 53-year-old Joe Montana to quarterback the team.  Ed Wang, a 6 […]

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The Adalius Thomas Market

The New England Patriots just released Adalius Thomas on to the open market and the market is buzzing with interest from almost every team.  The San Francisco 49ers went after him hard a few seasons back.  And who was leading that charge, the Miami Dolphins defensive cordinator, Mike Nolan, who was the 49ers head coach back then. The […]

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The Black Quarterback Killer

The Oakland Raiders just traded for Jason Campbell and I feel like calling the NAACP.  I mean how many black quarterbacks do the Raiders have to kill?  Weren’t Aaron Brooks, JaMarcus Russell and Daunte Culpepper enough?  How many careers have to die before everybody realizes it is an epidemic? 

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Dex Bryant a Cowboy

The Cowboys pulled the trigger and traded up and drafted my favorite player from the draft, Dex Bryant.  Fantasy Football players pick up Bryant, with Tony Romo as his quarterback and that offense in Dallas, Bryant will come close to 10 touchdowns and 800 yards this season.  Trust me he has all the tools plus the system […]

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NFL Draft 2010

The NFL Draft 2010′s first round will be live tomorrow on ESPN at 4:30 WST and I can’t wait.  After that round 2 and 3 will air live Friday on ESPN at 3:00 WST.  Then concluding live on ESPN Saturday at 7:00 am.

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Big Ben going to San Fran?

I woke up this morning and was doing my daily scan of the top news stories and rumors when I almost choked on the blueberry muffin I had been stuffing down my throat.  I literally slapped myself to make sure I was actually awake.  What am I so worked up about you ask? Well, I’m hearing various reports out of Pittsburgh and around the […]

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Ted Ginn Jr a 49ers

One day the Miami Dolphins trade for Brandon Marshall the next they trade Ted Ginn Jr for draft picks to the San Francisco 49ers?  Ginn’s skills would have finally been used effectively as the deep threat with Marshall hitting for the singles all game long.  Now they are just gift wrapping him to the 49ers?  […]

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Marshall a $47.5 Million Dolphin

This morning the Miami Dolphins traded away a second round pick in this year’s draft and next year’s draft for Brandon Marshall.  Now they just signed Marshall to a four year, $47.5 million contract extension with $24 million in guaranteed money.  Guess the Dolphins really want to make the playoffs and now they will.  This will make […]

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