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NFC Fantasy Pick UPBefore the season started I and fellow Cloudfantasy writer Harrison had a huge debate about the merits of drafting Miles Austin or Patrick Crayton.  We aruged that Tony Romo had to throw the ball to someone other than just Jason Witten and Roy Williams.  He told me Patrick Crayton is the ideal 3rd recevier to draft.  While I told him that Miles Austin had more big play ability.

After this weekends game I feel we all saw what Austin brings to the table.  He is 6’3 with good strength and athleticism.  The problem is he has needed seasoning to get his receiving skills down.  He has also had a problems with balance and body controll before.  But I feel he has corrected these problems.  He can burn people with his speed and can bull doze people with his strength.  Route running and breaking tackles is vital for any top reciever and he has had those qualities from the start.  Now that he is able to combine it all, I feel confident telling you to go ahead and pick up Austin for your fantasy football team.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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