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CP3 or LBJ?

The debate for the number one overall pick in terms of fantasy basketball can create some good arguments.  I am leaning towards Chris Paul at this point, but a lot of people love Lebron with this choice.  Let’s throw out some stats out there and see what you think for yourselves.

Capt Jack Leaving?

Stephen Jackson wants out of Oakland.  Haven’t we heard this story before?  There have been countless times the Warriors best player wanted out.  Then the Warriors traded him for pennies on the dollar.  But let’s pretend the Warriors aren’t the Warriors.  There is currently a trade possibility the Warriors are looking at and several trade possibilites that they […]

The Warriors New Backcourt?

The finest Warriors backcourt featured my favorite basketball player of all time Latrell Sprewell at shooting guard and Tim Hardaway at point guard.  Now there is talk of a new backcourt tandem developing in Oakland.  The freshly drafted rookie Stephen Curry would be teaming up with Monta Ellis hoping to duplicate the performance of Spree […]

Flash MVP?

MJ Going To The Hall

Iverson in Memphis?

  Laying in bed at 11 in the afternoon recovering from Mono might not be the most thrilling way to start off an article about one of the most exciting and best NBA players of all time but the man is going to Memphis so maybe it is fitting.  So as I lay and look […]

What to make of Michael Beasley

Article Coming Soon

Open Letter to Phil Knight

Every since you bought Converse a few years back I have been having a reoccurring dream.  In the dream you are at a press conference in Chicago and you announce, “ Dwyane Wade has been traded to the Chicago Bulls, we are bringing the number 23 back for the best player in the game’s return […]

Welcome New Writers

Welcoming new writers to CloudFantasy from Cloud Fantasy on Vimeo.

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