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AI at home

Allen Iverson came to Philadelphia  and immediately his presence could be felt.  I can assure you fantasy owners you want to feel AI’s presence in his future fantasy points.  In his first game he might have had 11 points on 4 of 11 shots and six assists but his legs were tired.  Give him a few […]

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Oden OUT, yet again

Greg Oden just had a season ending knee injury, his third season ending injury in three seasons.  If you had Oden on your fanatasy team pick up his teammate, Joel Przybilla, who will now get his minutes.  Fantasy owners and basketball fans remember you can’t rely on Oden. 

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Illadelphions and Fantasy Owners Rejoice, Iverson is a 76er

I woke up this morning feeling dizzy and sick with a cold but it didn’t matter.  The Answer is back.  Anyone want a scoring machine?  Alot of NBA teams might have passed, but as a fantasy owner who cares if AI isn’t the most well behaved fellow in the world?  He will get you at […]

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AI coming home

“Let’s face it. We’re very, very boring right now. We have absolutely nothing to lose by bringing Iverson back. Nothing at all.”  This was told to Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Stephen A. Smith from a Sixers source.  The Sixers are $6.6 million under the salary cap so they easily sign AI.  Iverson is coming back to the Illadelph […]

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I need an Answer

Is this love story over?  Cultural Icon Allen Iverson is saying he has retired.  A team needs to step in and sign him.  Who couldn’t use a prolfic scorer with a 27 point per game average?

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T-Mac to the Knicks?

T-Mac has been injured ever since midway last season.  But he has been training hard and now wants to play.  The Houston Rockets want him to sit.  And now there are reports that the New York Knicks are in hot pursuit.

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Blowing the Whistle

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy has a new book out called, Blowing the Whistle.  It is an interesting read to say the least.  The most interesting might be the part about the beef between Allen Iverson and referee Stevie Javie.

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Fav5 NBA PickUPs

Trades and injuries often help the remaining players of a team put up better stats.  In fantasy sports this is always the case.  The most interesting case might be of Chris Douglas-Roberts.  CDR as he is known, for having the most letters in his uniform by far, as you can clearly see from this picture, […]

Sign the Answer to get the KING?

Allen Iverson and King James share the same agent.  Is this why the New York Knickerbockers are trying so hard to sign the Answer?  Is the Answer the answer to getting Bron Bron?

Will A.I. be in the Big Apple?

I don’t understand what the Knicks are thinking, but really no one does these days.  It’s been 8 consecutive losing seasons and being invisible from the post season since the 2003-2004 season, where they got swept by the rival New Jersey Nets.  I don’t understand how bringing a super star undersized guard no longer in […]

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