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2012 NBA Free Agency: Danny Ferry for President

In 8 days of work as the GM of the Atlanta Hawks Danny Ferry has single-handedly fixed their cap and team. Earlier today he got rid of All-Star guard Joe Johnson and his remaining 4 years and $90 million for a bunch of expiring contracts to the Brooklyn Nets now he has got rid of […]

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2012 NBA Free Agency: Golden State Warriors

Taking my advice of Buying Low and Selling High, I am very pleased the Golden State Warriors are in serious talks yet again with Big Man J.J. Hickson (yes, the same J.J. who the Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn’t trade for Amar’e Stoudemire year’s ago) after losing out on him last year when the Portland Trail Blazers […]

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2012 NBA Free Agency: Deals

Buy Low and Sell High.  It works for the stock market and it works for the NBA.  Instead of OVERPAYING a B grade undersized shooting guard, Eric Gordon (seeking the highest bidder), or a B grade center, Roy Hibbert (Trailblazers offered), 4 years and $58 million or worst yet a C grade small forward Nicolas […]

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2012 NBA Free Agency: Brooklyn Nets

Why did we just have a lockout?  Too many owners crying over money since they OVERPAID players.  Guess what?  Yes, Rashard Lewis and his $21 million contract just got bought out (never worth more than $10-12 million).  It’s July 1st, the first day of 2012 NBA Free Agency and all I hear about is owners […]

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2012 NBA DRAFT: The Review

The 2012 NBA DRAFT had quite a few surprises.  There was Dion Waiters (6’4, 221) a 6th man combo guard who only plays zone defense going 4th (huh) the Cavaliers.  Andre Drummond (7’0, 279) sliding to 9th, very nice pickup by the Pistons. But I do wonder if the Motor City will be OK with […]

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2012 NBA DRAFT THOUGHTS LIVE: The Collection Uncut

For those who are fan’s of the Cloud Fantasy Fan Page, Thank You.  For those who are not here is what you missed yesterday, 2012 NBA DRAFT THOUGHTS LIVE, my thoughts on various draft picks in real time.  I have collected all of them here uncut.  A tad latter today I will post 2012 NBA […]

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2012 NBA Draft Tonight

Tonight is one of my Fav5 Days of the Year, it’s the NBA Draft!  And it’s the best NBA Draft in years!  No, not because I see numerous All-Stars but because the market is so fluid with speculation over picks 2-7!  To make it even more interesting a Big Man who was projected as a Top […]

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NBA 2K13 Cover

Quick what do Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose have in common?  No, not that they are the three most boring Stars in the NBA.  They all are sharing the NBA 2K13 Cover (just announced).  I mean there is Griffin, the worst interview ever even when you set him up to tell you a […]

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2012 NBA Draft: Luol Deng Trade Rumor

“In Hawaii at the Luau mang Honolulu, boo boo, we do our thang.  Do your thang, uh huh, true I slang African diamonds, Luol Deng You never seen profit?”, Cam’Ron, “Put A Bird Up”.  The Golden State Warriors are in talks to trade the 7th pick for the 27 year-old Deng (6’9, 220); the very […]

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NBA 2K13 Cover Announcement Tonight

After watching LeBron pass away yet another game winning shot last night to Udonis Haslem I thought if only LeBron had gone to college for a year or two he would have gotten the killer instinct he so sorely lacks due to his fear of failure.  One fellow who I know is never scared of […]

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