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Sheeds Second Laker Killing

We all remember the 2004 NBA Finals where the LA Lakers super team of Shaq, Karl Malone, Rick Fox, Kobe Bryant and Gary Payton with Phil Jackson coaching couldn’t get it done.  Was it too much Rasheed Wallace or just enough that beat them?  Either way the Lakers new super team will only go down again […]

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Kendrick Perkins Out

Kendrick Perkins is out for Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  Perkins is calling the injury he got in Game 6, “a torn medial collateral and posterior cruciate ligaments”.  While his coach, Doc Rivers, is saying, “it’s a multiple ligament sprain.”  Who will start in his place?   “I haven’t decided,” Rivers said. “We’ll just wait […]

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Kobe Has To Pass

Tonight is Game 6 of the NBA Finals on ABC at 6:00 WST, where Kobe will have the greatest test of his career.  Will he let the Celtics keep beating up the Lakers and take the title?  Or will he play a team game and pass the ball to help the team win?  If he keeps shooting […]

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Chi Flash?

“It’s going to be fit with me first.  I’ve made that very clear.  Do I want to leave?  Nope.  Mmm-hmm.  I want to be in Miami.  That’s where it starts.  I don’t do recruiting.  Not now, anyway.  I don’t look at it as recruiting.  I’ll gauge and see if guys want to be (in Miami)

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One More Game

Paul Pierce came to play in a major way last night in game five of the NBA Finals.  He had 27 points on 12 of 21 shooting against Ron Artest of all defenders.  Now he has to keep it up for one more game in order to raise yet another NBA Championship Trophy.  Consistency is […]

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Nate Dogg and Big Baby

Last night at half time of game four of the NBA Finals things were so close my eyes were literally glued to the tube.  Then Doc Rivers put in one of my favorite players Nate Robinson and Big Baby and the other reserves.  I though nothing of it.  But then out of nowhere they were playing at a […]

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Artest Key To Game 4

We hear the phrase must win all the time, but game 4 tonight of the NBA Finals at 6pm WST is truly a must win for both teams.  And Ron Artest is in the middle of all of this.  If he brings his shut down defense to the table and doesn’t jack up shots out […]

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Get Mayo Like OJ Yo

“Okay, yo, —– lay low, get Mayo, like OJ yo, say —–”, looks like our good freind Snoop Dogg knew something.  Today USC got a two year bowl ban, has to forfeit wins and loses and 30 football scholarships.  The NCAA cited numerous improper benefits for Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo.  Even Bush’s Heisman might be […]

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World View Rondo

Rajon Rondo will lead the Boston Celtics to the 2010 World Championship. The only question is will it take 3 or 4 more games?  Tonight there is no doubt in my mind the Celtics will teach the Lakers how to play especially since game 3 is in Boston.  And don’t worry Kevin Garnett still has […]

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PHX Drafties

While watching Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night I got pretty excited, not as excited as Nate Robinson but pretty excited.  A big key of this series is going to be the play of the Phoenix Suns Drafties, Rajon Rondo and Nate Dogg and last night we saw both of them come to […]

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