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Rings For All

The Miami Heat will win at least 3 championships at a minimum but the question is who will fill out the rest of their roster?  There is word that sharp shooter Mike Miller has signed a five-year, $30 million deal which will really help this team out when defences go zone on them.  And they […]

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From King to Robin

“Lebron, you might go by King James but this is my team so pass the ball back, game winning shot going down here, the Flash is in the building”, Dwyane Wade in the closing moments of the Heat’s first close game.  This is a very sad day for many reasons.  First what happened to challenging the […]

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The Decision

The moment we all have been waiting for is coming tonight on ESPN at 6 p.m. WST from the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut and it is called The Decision.  Lebron James will tell the world the next team he will play for.  I still feel the Knicks have the best chance to get him, […]

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Jerry Reinsdorf Gets His Man

The Chicago Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf has just got the man who can fill all the voids the Bulls are lacking in, Carlos Boozer.  He might not be Lebron James or Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh but he is a 20-10 guy for years with low post moves for days.  And this can’t hurt in […]

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Wade Bosh Mia Done

Dwyane Wade has brought Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat.  The only question is tomorrow when Lebron James makes his BIG annocement live on ESPN at 6pm WST during his one hour special will the King come to the Heat as well?  Don’t be too suprised if it happens.

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Bosh Too Cool For Cleveland

The Toronto Raptors are OK with a sign-and-trade for Chris Bosh to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  But Bosh is not willing to go.  CB4 wants to play with Lebron James but in Chicago, Miami or New Jersey not no Cleveland.  Bosh is simply too cool for Cleveland, he wants to move to a big city where everybody will […]

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Amare is a Knick

“I feel great about being a pioneer and showing my leadership”, these were Amare Stoudemire words after agreeing in principle to a five year $100 Million deal.  The New York Knicks were assured Lebron James was OK with this.  Now the Knicks brass can move on to getting some more free agents to team up with […]

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Bosh’s Green

Chris Bosh has been milking the hell out of free agency.  Not only is is he twittering non-stop but he is filming the entire free agency process going as far as taking cameras into meeting with teams.  He wants to team with Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.  But the question is if he has to take […]

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Free Agency & Melo

Dwyane Wade and Lebron James have both met with the Chicago Bulls and had really good meetings.  Now there is word that not only are the New York Knicks interested in signing, Syracuse alumni, Carmelo Anthony, but the Chicago Bulls are interested and are looking into trading for him now.  So the question is, wouldn’t Melo be […]

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The Heat Is On

There is a media frenzy right now regarding the 2010 Free Agents and at the center of it all is the Chicago Bulls.  Not only is Lebron James planning for his last free agent meeting to be with the Bulls but even Dwyane Wade has requested a second meeting.  Could the Flash really leave Miami?

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