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2011 NBA First Round Playoffs

Looking over the first round of the NBA Playoffs it is clear today’s matchups will feature four teams that will clearly win in four to six games while recieving little to no threat.  I mean the Chicago Bulls will beat up the Indiana Pacers in four, the Miami Heat will beat the Philadelphia 76ers in four to […]

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At 12:30 PM WST the Boston Celtics will be in Miami to take on the Heat live in ABC for the world to see the Eastern Conference Final preview.  So far the Celtics have had the Heats number but will that change?  It might not change today but at the very least I hope the Heat […]

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Allen Iverson’s Police Beef

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more.  Police don’t have anything else (expletive) to do except (expletive) with me.  Do you know who I am?  I’m the (expletive) passenger.  I make more money than you will in 10 years.”  This was all said by Allen Iverson to police after he was pulled over as a  passenger […]

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“The LeBrons”

So LeBron not only wants to win championships but make his own cartoon show as well?  It’s not half bad.  Very nice intro and I love all the Monster Beats headphones , HP devices and Nike everywhere.  Which you see here.

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2011 NCAA Basketball Championship Game

Butler is taking on Connecticut at 6:23 PM WST for the 2011 NCAA Basketball Championship Game on CBS where I feel Butler will prevail in dramatic fashion.  I don’t even feel Connecticut deserves to be here and will be tired out for playing so many games recently that they had to win especially since they […]

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Samsung ST 700

One of the biggest talks of the recent Consumer Electronic Show was the Samsung ST 700 which has just been released and will be arriving shortly to the Cloud Fantasy offices to be immediately run through the paces and put up in a review.  I know everyone loves to take pictures especially when they go […]

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Chris Mullin who represents New York so hard that he not only is from Brooklyn but went to St. John’s University and whose name is always mentioned as a possible new head of the New York Knicks is going to the Basketball Hall of Fame due to his fine play with a West Coast Team?  […]

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“I’m in Hall of Fame.  Tonight, it’s going to be a good night.  It’s a surprise to me that my number is getting retired. It’s surprising to me. … I just feel like I didn’t deserve to have my number retired because I didn’t do as much as I should here.” “If the circumstances were […]

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Pistons retiring Rodman’s Number

The Detroit Pistons are retiring Dennis Rodman’s numbers tonight at halftime of their game against the Chicago Bulls that starts at 4:30 PM WST.  Now that one team is retiring his number will the Pistons opponent the Bulls be next?  And most importantly is this just a stepping stone to getting Rodman into the Basketball Hall […]

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2011 NCAA Elite 8 Picks

Now that Ohio State has been upset in the 2011 NCAA Basketball Bracket many people are quickly going with their other pick to win, Kansas.  I always felt Kansas had a slight edge on Ohio Sate with Duke being my darkhorse team (who lost as well).  So now can I tell you with a 100% […]

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