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Jerry West a Warrior

Jerry West is coming to the Golden State Warriors but I am not sure if Warriors fans should be excited because he will fix the team.  Now he could fix the team if people listen to him like they did in LA with the Lakers and in Memphis with the Grizzlies.  But he is coming […]

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Kiss Blake Griffin Goodbye

Blake Griffin is now just counting the days till he can take of his LA Clippers jersey for good.  I mean the second he saw the Clippers had given the number one pick in the NBA Draft to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Baron Davis trade he knew he was leaving.  You would think with all […]

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Cleveland Cavaliers Stike GOLD!

“What’s not to like” as 14-year-old Nick Gilbert, the son of owner Dan Gilbert, of the Cleveland Cavaliers said shortly before winning not only the number one pick but the number four pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.  Clearly the biggest winner was the Cavs.  Ironically the biggest loser was the LA Clippers who gave away the […]

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2011 NBA Draft Lottery

Today at 5:30 PM WST I was eating at Armadillo Willy’s waiting for the NBA Draft Lottery since I had a real estate class next door at De Anza at 6:30 thinking why in the world is there a baseball game on?  Then I looked at my cell phone and the San Jose Mercury News was […]

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2011 NBA All-Rookie Teams

My Rookie of the Year Pick, the Sacramento Kings, DeMarcus Cousins, might not have won Rookie of the Year but he just made it to the 2011 NBA All-Rookie First Team along with the Rookie of the Year, the LA Clippers Blake Griffin, and his college teammate the Washington Wizards John Wall as well as […]

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Dwight is Coming LA

Stop hiding and start picking up your phones LA Lakers fans.  You might have gotten swept by the Dallas Mavericks but Superman will be flying in shortly to save the day.  Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando unless the Magic somehow magically trade for Chris Paul or Deron Williams which I highly doubt will happen.  Of […]

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H. Grant not a Boozer Fan

“It will be a long time before I could be a head coach, because I don’t care how much money you get paid.  If you’re not producing more or if I feel you’re hurting the team, especially in the playoffs, I’d bench you.  If Boozer is having an off-game scoring, he has to do other […]

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The Zack Attack

For years Zack Randolph has been a 20-10 machine who never got the love.  Now that he has lead a young, young Memphis Grizzilies to not only the playoffs but the to the second round of the playoffs after beating the number 1 seed he now deserves the showers of love that he is recieving.  Normally, […]

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Samsung ST 700 Review

“Stats don’t always tell the whole story” is a famous saying in sports.  In the case of the Samsung ST 700 it’s strong stats translate straight to the field.  There is a 1.8 inch LCD on the front, a 3 inch LCD complete with a new smartphone-like touch interface on the back, it records in High Definition 1280 x 720p […]

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San Jose Hornets

Nice win today by the San Jose Hornets!  Oh, wait am I getting ahead of myself?  Larry Ellison hasn’t bought the best point guard in the NBA’s team just yet.  We all know the heads of the San Jose Arena are dieing to get a Professional Sports Franchise to come to their venue.  Oh, wait, […]

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