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A.L. Fantasy Baseball All-Stars

With the All-Star break upon us we already know who made the All-Star team.  But if you are playing fantasy baseball what you really want to know is who are the fantasy All-Starts.  Well, here’s you’re A.L. roster:

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Be In The Moneyball Movie

Who doesn’t want to be a movie star?  Haven’t taken acting classes?  Doesn’t matter, not like Ben Affleck has, he just put his name on Matt Damon’s script for Good Will Hunting.  So we all can’t be Matt Damon’s girlfriend but I have very good news for you.  The Oakland Athletics GM, Billy Beane, had a whole book […]

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Stephen Strasburg, an All-Star?

I have been reading a few articles that have begged the question is Strasburg an All-Star? I believe that this is completely ridiculous and blown way out of proportion. First of all, if Strasburg was on a team out on the West coast, you have to know that the media coverage would be about half […]

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Vlad is Back

I remember back when Vladimir Guerrero was a free agent just a few months ago telling everyone at Cloud Fantasy Headquarters that the Giants need to sign this guy.  And now he is a leading vote getter for the All-Star Game.  A .327 batting average, 15 home runs, 48 runs and 60 runs batted in by mid […]

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Promotion Day!

June 8th, 2010, could be a day that is remembered for a long time in major league history.  Stephen Strasburg, 21, SP, Washington Nationals, and Michael Stanton, 20, OF, Florida Marlins, are being promoted to their respective major league teams. The hype can’t get any bigger for Strasburg, who was drafted number one overall in […]

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Who is Walker?

When you hear the name Walker, you may be thinking about the Canadian baseball player, and Montreal Expos great, Larry Walker. Neil Walker, 24, a Pittsburgh native, currently playing for the Pirates, is the new starter at second base.  He is replacing Akinori Iwamura, the highest paid player on the Pirates roster, commanding a 4.85 […]

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Dallas Braden Reping the 209

Do not mess with Dallas Braden.  Prior to his incredible perfect game this past Mother’s Day, Dallas Braden made headlines when he basically told A-Rod (Alex Rodgriguez if you’re baseball illiterate) to suck it when he publicly bashed him for breaking an unwritten baseball no-no.  Rodriguez crossed over the pitcher’s mound while returning to first base […]

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The Texas Two-Step

The first two things when you think of the Texas Rangers may be Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz.  They are the big bats in the lineup that will put RBIs on the board every night.  The reason to their success, as with most teams, is due to pitching.  Two new members in their rotation are […]

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Are the Giants For Real?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The last time Bay Area fans got ahead of themselves, the Giants still missed the playoffs despite winning 103 games in ’93 and then lost Game 6 of the 2002 World Series after having a commanding 5-0 lead in the 7th and leading the series 3 games to 2.  I hate to […]

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Recap Of Opening Day-Night

My friend Stephen and I (check out his DJ material at were looking to get tickets to Opening Day a few weeks ago.  We originally saw them for 70, 60, and finally 40 bucks.  He hasn’t missed Opening Day in ten years, and I was jumping at the possibility to go to my first […]

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