Miles Austin is now starting

Miles Austin is now starting

Just last thursday I told you that Miles Austin is my NFC Fantasy Pick UP, /?p=1686, and now he is starting.  Does this ever feel good for me, I am sure Austin is happy too.  Patrick Crayton being replaced as a starter might end up being the best for everyone.  I feel it makes the team stronger overall.

With Crayton going against the other teams 3rd best corner back he will see much better looks.  And with Austin starting, he will be involved in alot more of the offense.  Miles Austin has alot more big play ability.  Crayton who is a personal favorite of mine is really a 3rd wide reciever on a team.  And his personality is a big part of the reason he is a personal favorite of mine.  He might have looked good before as a 2nd wide reciever but that was when he lined up accross from TO.  Roy Williams needless to say is no TO.

If you are wondering why isn’t Williams coming off the bench based on Crayton’s better production, Crayton explained it best.  “When you give up a first and third and a sixth and you pay a guy that much,” Crayton said, “he’s gotta play.”  This is the problem when managment and the coach aren’t on the same page.

After their last game I feel we all saw what Austin brings to the table.  He is 6′3 with good strength and athleticism.  The problem is he has needed seasoning to get his receiving skills down.  He has also had a problems with balance and body controll before.  But I feel he has corrected these problems.  He can burn people with his speed and can bull doze people with his strength.  Route running and breaking tackles is vital for any top reciever and he has had those qualities from the start. 

I really feel this is a win-win-win.  The Cowboys will be a better team.  Austin will get more balls thrown his way.  And I was right about Austin being a better football player then Crayton and more importantly a better fantasy football player. 

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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