Micro G Black Ice

Under Armour is making basketball shoes and their first signature shoe the Micro G Black Ice is out now!  This is also Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings’ first signature shoe.  A good looking low to the ground shoe for sure.  They do look very similar to the Air Jordan 2010’s but for $110 instead of $170.  Love the way it blends textures and materials together.  The side panels are dimpled mesh while the white colorways have leather sides. It has a forefoot strap made of brushed rubber.  The part that really sets it apart is the sole, where the signature “Black Ice” comes from, it is a dark transparent with the black midsole behind it. 

Ryan Drew, Basketball Category Leader at Under Armour was nice enough to share some insights about the new shoe.

“Micro G is a high-rebound, low compression-set foam compound that allows us to reduce the thickness of the foam by approx 25% to 30% versus standard EVA foams, resulting in a lighter weight midsole part with great performance properties. The high-rebound (or high energy return) provides a bouncier, livelier feel than you would get from standard EVA, and the lower compression set means that the foam will retain it’s cushioning properties over a longer period of time. In the Black Ice there are 3 separate layers of Micro G. The external Micro G midsole that you see on the outside of the shoe…an internal Micro G midsole that is overlasted or “feathered”, and a molded 6mm Micro G sockliner that provides an incredible ride. Given that the sockliner is the closest part to the foot, we wanted to make sure that we put almost 3 times more cost into our sockliner than most brands, even at higher pricepoints. A quality sockliner is usually the first thing that is eliminated to save costs…we wanted to make sure it was the first thing that stayed.”

“The Black Ice uses a 2mm thick, 30mm wide midfoot nylon shank that runs from just in front of the heel up to the forefoot. It’s molded into the topside of the internal Micro G foam midsole part, and sits under a 2mm thick foam strobel. The shank allows for proper midfoot flex, torsional rigidity, and lateral stability…it’s the structure that you’re feeling under your arch. It’s also important to note that our “last” shape has slightly more arch and an anatomical heel shape that gives the ballplayer more support in the midfoot and better heel lock than a lot of shoes on the market. Most brands have gone away from any type of arch shape in an effort to make sure they cover a broader range of foot types and arch shapes (primarily flat arches).”

Drew really answered all of our questions.  From what I have gathered online this shoe performs very well and is very similar to a pair of Nikes with full length Zoom Air. Of course I am not telling you to make the switch from Nike to Under Armour but these shoes are interesting and only $110 so they are something to consider.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him  here

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