LeBron VIII V2 (X-Mas)

I don’t even celebrate Christmas but I am really excited this year, not just for the Ginger Bread and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Pies, the Miami Heat playing the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day, the after Christmas shopping but for the new LeBron VIII V2 (X-Mas colorway).  Eastbay will have these the day after Christmas and you can bet that LeBron will be wearing these in that Christmas Day Matchup.  Just look at these shoes and tell me it doesn’t feel a little like Christmas.  Has Nike now exploited Christmas to new heights?  Will they no longer celebrate the most commercial holiday of them all after these shoes hit?  I don’t know for sure but what I do for sure know is I will be checking eastbay.com everyday till these shoes show up and pre-order them.

As we have mentioned before the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII V2 might look very similar to the V1 but this one utilizes different materials and a different upper construction.  The V2 features a full Flywire panel upper, a soft Flywire panel upper, with embedded Flywire, almost like Skinwire but not quite.  And as you can see there is still 360 Air so you will be very comfortable.

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