Kiss Blake Griffin Goodbye

Blake Griffin is now just counting the days till he can take of his LA Clippers jersey for good.  I mean the second he saw the Clippers had given the number one pick in the NBA Draft to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Baron Davis trade he knew he was leaving.  You would think with all of the bad luck and decision making of the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, he would just sell the team but no he wants people to continue suffering, now they will lose their superstar because of it.  How can you trade away your draft pick in the up coming lottery draft knowing your a losing team without even lottery protecting for the top 5 or top 3 picks?  Now I am not saying the number one pick would have necessarily made that big of a difference on the court but what I am saying is he would have given Griffin a reason to stay instead of seeing the number one pick going elsewhere thus giving Griffin a reason to leave.

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