Kentucky’s NBA Team

How many future NBA players does it take to win one NCAA championship?  Normally it take one or two.  But this year Kentucky will win with at least four future NBA players.  Now that Kansas and their six future NBA players are out of it, Kentucky should have no problem getting that champion banner for their coach, John Calipari.

The thing is in order to win a NCAA championship you need good guard play, at least one A to A+ grade college player who is also a future NBA player and another future NBA player plus a good coach.  Kentucky has the best possible combination left with John Wall being their A+ college player, three B+ to A grade college players and a good coach.  The only real question is how soon will the NCAA take this championship away from Kentucky?

We all know how Coach Cal does business after his records were vacated by the NCAA due to several violations for his final four appearance by Massachusetts in 1995-1996.  Then just two seasons back his records were vacated again by the NCAA due to several violations for his Championship lose to Kansas by Memphis in 2007–08.  Not that we should really care about any of this, for we have an NBA game to watch today, Kentucky beating up on West Virginia 4:05 pm WST on CBS.

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