Iverson out of Memphis, next stop Cleveland?

Grizzlies Kings BasketballIt all makes sense now.  Why didn’t the Cleveland Cavaliers trade for Captain Jack?  They were waiting for Iverson to be released today.  Now they can pick him up off waivers for a prorated salary. 

Iverson came to a mutual agreement to leave the Grizzlies.  He will only receive a fraction of the $3 million he had signed for.  He is expected to be placed on waivers by 3pm today.  Hopefully a champion contender can sign Iverson now. 

The Cavs can sign the Answer and team him up with Bron Bron and Shaq and only have to pay Iverson a prorated salary for one year.  So even if Iverson doesn’t work out, there is no risk. 

Who do the Cavs play next?  Only the Warriors.  So Iverson can slap around the Warriors on tuesday and Larry Johnson will slap around the Raiders this sunday.  I guess two Oakland teams are going to really feel the effects of today’s player transactions.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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