How to draft in fantasy football 101

What is the point? The whole point of fantasy football is to get points; the players who score the most points are the most valuable.  So try not to get too emotionally attached to your favorite players, teams or the BIG names.

Should I draft my own players or do automatic draft? You must draft your own players, doing the automatic draft doesn’t account for any variable change such as a player you perceive as a superstar slipping in the draft.  This is the reason why teams don’t make promises to players to draft them in the NFL draft.

Yearly Stats or Weekly Stats? Consistency is key you need get stats every week since you are playing to win your weekly match up against another fantasy team.  Running backs and Quarterbacks score the most amount of points overall and on a weekly basis are the most consistent.  Touchdowns in most leagues are worth an automatic 6 points while you have to throw, run or receive for at 100 yards to get the same 6 points.

Why draft running back heavy? You must draft a lot of quality running backs.  Draft 3 running backs in the first 4 rounds and one quarterback.  Resist the temptation to draft a wide receiver before the 5th round unless it is a RISK you are really willing to take.

Why not draft wide receivers high? Wide receiver might be the flashiest position in all of football but there is a reason no wide receiver has ever been the Most Valuable Player.  The person throwing him the ball gets the same amount of stats for the wide receiver accomplishments plus whatever stats he gains himself.

What kind of quarterback should you draft first? You need to draft a quarter back who gets the most amount of stats, not the best quarterback.  Look at the whole team.  Does the quarterback have good wide receivers and tight ends to throw too?  Is the offensive line up to the job to block for him?  Is there a good running game to take the pressure off the passing game?  Is there a good offensive system is in place?  And also draft at least one backup quarterback preferably one who plays on the two weeks that your quarterback drafted first doesn’t play.  With this information you can compute who will get the most amount of touchdowns and yards with the least amount of interceptions.

What kind of running backs should you draft?  In order to get the most stats you need to get the most carries.  If there is a flex system in place where 2 running backs spilt the carriers you must draft both of them to keep yourself safe since their stats will be split in half also just in case one of them becomes the feature back .  Once again you have to look if there is a good passing game in place.  Also is the running back on a team that is generally going to be playing from behind where the team will be forced to throw the ball more.  A running back who can catch the ball, will put up more stats then an equal running back who doesn’t.   But a running back who can throw the football doesn’t get you more stats in most leagues since running back throws aren’t counted.  With this information you can compute who will get the most amount of touchdowns and yards with the least amount of fumbles.  A running back who mostly plays on goal line situations is very valuable since they take less wear and tear, are less of a focus of a defense and score touchdowns.  Conversely a running back  who does all of the work but doesn’t carry the ball in goal line situations is worth less than one that does.

What kind of wide receivers should you draft? The amount of catches a wide receiver makes are nice for a real world stat sense.  But it doesn’t matter for fantasy football.  All you should care about are touchdowns and yards.  This comes down to BIG plays since that is where most touchdowns scored by wide receivers’ are scored on.  You must look at the rest of team to see if a particular wide receiver is in a position to put up stats.

There are some players who might not be that talented but on a loaded offensive team will put up BIG stats due to their superstar teammates taking all of the defensive attention.

What kind of tight ends should you draft?  Don’t draft the best overall tight end, or the best blocker.  You have to draft the best catching tight end in teams of touchdown and yards.  There will always be tight ends put up stats who aren’t even close to being the best catching tight ends.  These tight ends will have good hands on good offensive teams that like to throw the ball around the end zone.  You can usually get one of these tights in the latter rounds.

What kind of defense should you draft? You must look for a defense that keeps the score low with a good amount of fumbles and interceptions.

What kind of kickers should you draft? Once again don’t look for the best kicker.  Look for the kicker who will score the most stats.  That kicker is usually the one on the highest scoring team since he has more opportunities to kick.  A team that goes for it a lot of 4th down on the goal line would not generally be a good kicker to pick up.  The other kind of kicker to draft is the best kicker you can find for a team that can’t score touchdowns that relies on their kicker to score the points.

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