How NBA players enjoy basketball video games

The makers of NBA2K10, 2K, and the makers of Sony’s latest portable gaming device, PSP Go, give the NBA players on their payroll customized video game systems.  In the first picture there is Stephen Curry and his custom PSP Go in a wood case no less.  In the second picture there is Kobe Bryant’s NBA2K case with LCD screen, xbox 360,  controllers and headphones.  In the third picture Kobe is showing you how it all works.  In the forth picture there is Chris Paul’s custom PSP Go.  In the fourth picture there is Lebron’s custom PSP Go and PSP Go custom shoes.  And the last picture is Brook Lopez’s custom NBA2K case.

I thought I was a huge NBA 2K10 but wow.  All of these custom items are blowing me away.  I think I should call up 2K and Sony (PSP Go) and try to get some of these.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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