House of Hoops Part 2

I got to House of Hoops from CloudFantasy headquarters at 3pm.  No traffic, so I got there in 40 minutes (we are located right next to Mission College).  By 3:30 Chuy Gomez comes in and then he goes in the back.  We are then just standing there listening to the KMEL DJ playing music.  Chuy comes out from the back where he was hiding out for the past hour, it is now 4:30.  He gets the crowd going.  Then till 5:30 they are either just playing music or Chuy and this really boring lady are tring to sell us some of Nikes least attractive shoes.

Finally Stephen Curry comes out at 5:30 and gives us all what we were looking for.  The second you see him you can’t help but notice how light skinned he is.  And how skinny he is.  He is 22 but could pass for 18 any day of the week.  Really nice guy. 

“Who will the Warriors draft?”  “We need a big man, any big man, we need size.”  “Will you trade Monta Ellis?” ” No, we need Monta, trust me we need Monta on this team.”  This was an exchange between a young fan and Golden State Warriors point guard, Stephen Curry.

He might have left at 5:52 after making us wait for an hour and half from the 4pm start time but he did his best to make us happy.  He even signed a bunch of items afterwards.

And to make it even better I got back to my place on the Milpitas, San Jose boarder in only 47 minutes.  So next time you hear about some Special Release Nike shoes, call House of Hoops up in Serramonte Center.  Don’t let traffic stop you since there is none.

Farhan Latif writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here

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