Free Agency & Melo

Dwyane Wade and Lebron James have both met with the Chicago Bulls and had really good meetings.  Now there is word that not only are the New York Knicks interested in signing, Syracuse alumni, Carmelo Anthony, but the Chicago Bulls are interested and are looking into trading for him now.  So the question is, wouldn’t Melo be a better fit for the Bulls than the Flash or the King?  Why not just trade for Melo and sign Chris Bosh?

The Bulls are built on Derrick Rose controlling the team with the ball in his hands.  The Flash needs the ball all time just as the King.  While the King even plays just like the Bull’s point guard Rose, bulldozing everyone in pass looking to pass or score.  I don’t see how either one would probably utilize the team’s talent.   There is only one ball and the King would get it leaving Rose with nothing to do. 

Melo on the other hand would let the team run the same way with Rose at the helm.  Rose would still go down the court and when he saw Melo some what open he would know that Melo could knock it down for anywhere.  That would be adding talent on top of previous talent instead of taking away Rose’s greatest strength.

Yes, my hope is still for Melo to end up on the New York Knicks next season as a free agent after Eddie Curry’s contract comes off the books and of course for the Knicks to sign two A grade free agents this summer.  I mean the man won a basketball championship for New York.  When is the last time the Knicks won anything?  And it doesn’t hurt that he might be the best offensive player in the NBA and played for Syracuse.

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