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I was recently asked how one decides to became a fan of a team, but more importantly the eternal question of how do you decide who your favorite team is?  Some think it is solely a regional decision alas “root root for the home team”.  In reality it comes down to what team or in some cases which player embodies who you are (or would like to be) the most and in some cases you do indeed represent your region with your embodiment.

The NBA has always promoted the Superstar so whichever team has had my favorite Superstar at the time has been my favorite team.  Till the early 90’s I was a Lakers fan since I loved Magic Johnson and the team as a whole, just the way they played, they didn’t call it, “Showtime” for nothing.  Then in the early 90’s the Chicago Bulls were my favorite team, I “wanted to be like Mike”, and I loved Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman and Toni Kukoc.  From 1993 till 1998 my favorite teams were the Bulls and the Golden State Warriors, since the Warriors had my favorite player of any sport of all time, Latrell Sprewell. 

The NBA has never had a player quite like Spree.  He did what he wanted whenever he wanted.  Once he even came to a game late and checked himself in, no need to ask the coach, Superstar coming through.  Who could forget him making us yell, “Spree for Three” every time he shot a three pointer?  You really had to see him play to believe it.  He was an all around talent who would do anything to win.  And if you saw just one of his signature two handed tomahawk dunks with the scissor kicks you were captivated for life.

From 1998 till 2003 my favorite team were the New York Knicks since they had Spree and a bunch of other guys I was a huge fan of; Marcus Camby, Allen Houston and Larry Johnson.  Then in 2001 till 2003 the Minnesota Timberwolves were my favorite team since they had Spree and even Kevin Garnett.  But as soon as Spree retired I needed a new favorite team and new favorite player, Dwayne Wade filled that void quite nicely so the Miami Heat have been my favorite basketball team for awhile now.  Doesn’t hurt I and Wade are the same height and both have some of the best wardrobes in the business. 


In terms of football, I have been a huge Dallas Cowboys fan since the longest I can remember.  They have always had exciting players, a high scoring offense, beautiful girlfriends, hott cheerleaders, a great logo, players who produce fantasy points, always lusting to get the most gangster rapping players in all the land and now even the best stadium in the world.  Think about all the Superstars they had; Hershel Walker, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, Deion Sanders, Ken Norton Jr., Tony Romo, Marion Barber, Terrill Owens, Adam “Pacman” Jones, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Roy Williams and Felix Jones.  These are all things I appreciate so they fit in nicely with my lifestyle. 

Some think the San Francisco Giants have been my favorite baseball team my whole life but that isn’t entirely true.  My favorite baseball team till 1992 was the Oakland Athletics since they had my favorite player at the time, Jose Canseco.  I loved the way he conducted himself, exciting, flashy, driving fancy cars and dating all kinds of celebrities.  It didn’t hurt that he was exciting on the baseball diamond as well, he was always taking big swings which might have given him a low batting average but he hit a lot of homeruns and even stole a lot of bases.  The team as a whole was fairly exciting as well and did make four World Series and even won one.  But then in 1992 they traded Jose Canseco and I was CRUSHED.  I was no longer an A’s fan after that. 

Then in 1993 Barry Bonds came to the Giants from the Pittsburgh Pirates so I was intrigued.  I saw Bonds play and I was hooked, how could I not be a Giants fan?  Everything Bonds was about represented me to the T; having 3 lockers, your staff at your beckon call, a Sharper Image Leather Recliner in your section of the locker room, knowing that you are the man at all times.  It didn’t hurt that he was the best baseball player of all time who could do it all, a true five tool player.  And you have to think about the way the Giants were constructed for years upon years, Superstars everywhere; Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent, Matt Williams, Deion Sanders, Glenallen Hill, J.T. Snow, Ellis Burks, Jose Cruz Jr., Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Darren Lewis, Royce Clayton, Kenny Lofton, Joe Carter and Daryl Strawberry.

Picking a favorite team isn’t easy especially in the NBA where there are more Superstars than in any other sport but as long as you stay true to yourself you should be fine.  Just don’t let your region fool you.  And remember to be happy that you have the freedom to choose your favorite team, God knows you can’t choose when you were born, where you were born, your gender, your preference or your race.

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