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We all love playing Madden, NBA 2K and NBA JAM but if we could do it portably with more power than ever before?  ”We have a PSP2 in the house and we’re looking at the engine, like what can it support.  Always a big thing for us is the performance.  PSP2 looks like it’s a pretty […]

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Raiders Blacked Out

Who do we get to watch this weekend in the Bay Area after the Oakland Raiders failed to sell out 72 hours prior to kickoff against the St. Louis Rams?  The Chicago Bears at the Dallas Cowboys at 10 am WST on Fox of course and the Miami Dolphins at the Minnesota Vikings also at […]

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NBA JAM Rosters

NBA JAM will be here December 5th for all to enjoy.  Recently ESPN’s Mark Stein has reported who his sources say will be in the new NBA JAM.  But who does Cloud Fantasy think should be in NBA JAM?  Get your popcorn ready this is going to be one hell of an article. I am […]

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Damp a Heat?

Now there is word that Erick Dampier might be heading to the Miami Heat.  Yes, the Heat might get a real NBA starting center with size.  He can even rebound, defend and score a little when motivated.  This would make life a lot easier for Chris Bosh so there will be no way he would […]

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Giants Fever

Looks like everyone is catching Giants Fever, ok, ok, maybe Randy Moss was just asking for more money.  But when is the last time somebody looked so cool wearing a San Francisco Giants cap?  Will the Giants make the playoffs is the big question in the Bay Area these days just like will Randy Moss […]

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Sunday’s Gold

Sunday 11:30 AM WST the USA is going for the gold on ESPN.  I realize they might not be alot of exciting players on Team USA and the NFL season has started and this Sunday we all want to watch football, but we are going for the gold.  Just flip over to the FIBA gold medal […]

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Vikings at Saints Tonight

Football is back tonight at 5pm WST on NBC.  There will be the intriguing matchup of last year’s NFC Championship Game teams, the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints.  We all remember Brett Favre getting rocked to the ground several times in last year’s defeat.  I am sure he hasn’t forgotten and hopefully has

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NFL Week 1 Picks

The start of the new season is also a fresh start to Cloud Fantasy’s NFL Picks.  There are a few close calls this week.  Minnesota at New Orleans for starters is a tough one to call but I know Brett Favre wants revenge for last year and his team has been planning ever since last […]

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USC Drama

So much drama up in the USC.  First all of the NCAA Sanctions then pretty boy quarterback Matt Leinart from the Arizona Cardinals gets cut and now no Heisman Trophy for Reggie Bush.  And I didn’t even mention Lil Romeo leaving the basketball team or O.J. Mayo getting caught getting paid.  Sad how USC looked so bright a […]

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LeBron VIII (Triple Black)

What’s better than last year’s LeBron VII (Black on Black)?  This year’s LeBron VIII (Triple Black).  Just take a look at these pictures.  A full Black colorway with a combo Black smooth leather and Black nubuck, on the eyestay and tongue, on the upper.  They still feature the 360 Air and Hyperwire like last year’s […]

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