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Moss A Viking

Welcome back to where it all began, Randy Moss.  The Minnesota Vikings got back one of their biggest stars of all time.  The New England Patriots clearly didn’t want to resign him after the season so they are sacrificing this season for …. a third round draft pick?  Sounds like the Pats are just being cheap.  […]

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Moss to the Vikings?

Randy Moss might be going back to the Minnesota Vikings.  The New England Patriots and Vikings have been discussing a trade.  This would be a  home run of a move by Vikings but the ultimate giving up on this season by the Patriots who need Moss just as much as any other team.

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MLB Playoff Tiebreakers

The regular season is suppose to be over tomorrow but thanks to the SF Giants and Atlanta Braves losing today it might extend all the way out to Tuesday.  If the Giants win tomorrow they win the NL West Title.  Jonathan Sanchez will be starting tomorrow for the Giants with an era of 3.15, 12 Wins […]

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NBA 2K10 Nxt Tue

Next Tuesday NBA 2K10 will drop with no NBA Elite 11 or NBA JAM in sight.  No a hard decision on which one to buy.  You can download the demo right now for the PS3 and XBOX 360.  I do have to tell you the demo is really really stripped down so you can’t get

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NBA Jam Delay

Waiting for next week for NBA JAM, oh I meant NBA Elite since NBA JAM comes for free with it?  Well, I have got some bad news for you.  NBA JAM has not only been delayed till the holidays but it will no longer come packaged with NBA Elite.  I know nobody is going to […]

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Melo for Curry?

The Denver Nuggets have contacted the Golden State Warriors about trading Carmelo Anothony for Stephen Curry. Wow, Melo coming to the Bay?  I know Curry is light skinned and pretty, hell even Asian kids talk about him, but he will never be a top 10 player in the NBA.  It was bad enough the Warriors […]

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Jimmy Raye Fired

Looks like nobody is drinking the Kool-Aid at the San Francisco 49er’s Santa Clara Offices.  They finally realized their team and their offense is going nowhere.  So they fired the old man, their offensive coordinator, Jimmy Raye.  Who cares if Alex Smith won’t have the same offensive coordinator for two years in a row if […]

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New NBA Jerseys

A few months back I couldn’t help but notice huge price drops on NBA Jerseys on Eastbay.com so I called them and asked them what’s going on.  They told me it is the offseason.  I told them I am not that stupid and I know they must be redesigning them to new levels of awesomeness […]

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Melo, Melo, Melo

The word coming out of Denver is that if the Chicago Bulls want the Nuggets Carmelo Anthony the Nuggets want not only Joakim Noah but Luol Deng in return.  Should the Chicago Bulls make the trade?  There are so many angles to answer this question.  You could look at how can you trade the only […]

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Jordan 2010 Team

I got the Jordan 2010 Teams in and I really like them.  Doesn’t hurt that I have gotten soo many compliments on them.  While I haven’t played basketball in them I can assure you they are comfortable.  Based purely on style I would recommend them but based on comfort and performance they aren’t overly comfortable […]

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