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NFL Week 8 Picks

Can the New Orleans Saints get back on track against the Pittsburgh Steelers?  Will the Houston Texans beat the Indianapolis Colts again?  Will the Minnesota Vikings start Brett Farve at quarterback against the New England Patriots?  What in the world will  the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos do in London?  What are the answers?

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Giants & Rangers SuperStars

Yesterday, I discussed the lack of gangster rapping players and homerun hitters on the SF Giants and the Texas Rangers.  Now I am here to tell you of all of the SUPERSTAR players (or in some cases just guys I am emotionally attached to) who used to play for both teams a few short years […]

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Cool Runnings in London

Usually I would never watch a SF 49ers game other than to see them somehow magically lose at the end.  But it will be different this Sunday where Heisman Winner Troy Smith will be starting at quarterback against the Denver Broncos in London on Fox at 10 AM WST .  If you enjoyed watching Nate […]

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Cowboys WR’s

“Are you sure about this, drafting 3 Dallas Cowboys Wide Receivers?  Yes, I am, with Tony Romo at quarterback and a high powered offensive attack there will be plenty of touchdowns for everybody especially the Cowboys 3 Stud Wide Receivers.”  This was a fantasy football conversation I had with my neighbor Steve Pai in his […]

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No Baseball SuperStars

The SF Giants are in the World Series and while I am happy I could be a lot happier about all of this.  What’s happened to baseball in the last few years?  Where did all the homerun hitters and gangster rapping players go?  Why did baseball have to blackball my favorite baseball player of all […]

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NBA Preview 2010

The new NBA season, 2010-2011, kicks off tonight and I can’t wait.  Will the LA Lakers repeat or will a new super team knock them off?  All I can tell you for sure is that the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics will win this years championship while giving the Heat a slight edge based on their […]

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LeBron Commercial

Here’s LeBron’s latest commercial. Tell me what you think.

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Micro G Black Ice

Under Armour is making basketball shoes and their first signature shoe the Micro G Black Ice is out now!  This is also Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings’ first signature shoe.  A good looking low to the ground shoe for sure.  They do look very similar to the Air Jordan 2010’s but for $110 instead of $170.  […]

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Ron Washington’s Recovery

“I’m The Real Iron Man You Just Robert Downey, A Crack Head And Black Face Fresh Out The County”, Ice Cube on Soul On Ice off his new CD I Am The West.  In America we are used to people getting second, third and sometimes even fourth chances but how often do we see someone […]

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PlayStation Move

So is the PlayStation Move worth the $99.99 for Sports Champions, PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera?  Yes, it is, getting to play beach volleyball, disc golf, bocce, table tennis, archery, and gladiator all on a video game system while jumping up and down and moving in your living room is too much to handle.  The […]

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