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NFL Week 10 Picks

Monday night will be the MUST SEE game of the week where the Philadelphia Eagles will have an up close look at the nation’s capital latest drama, the Washington Redskins.  We know we will see Michael Vick for the Eagles, hey we might even see boy wonder Kevin Kolb but the real question is how […]

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The Heat Is On

Tonight at 5 PM WST TNT will showcase this year’s NBA Eastern Conference Finalists, the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat live from Miami.  All season long the Heat have shown to be a great team but one that can be beat up by an elite point guard and an inside presence.  The first game of the year […]

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Wade Phillips Fired

In the National Football League as in any walk of life you have to win.  You can’t keep losing especially keep losing badly on national television.  So today, the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fired one of the nicest head football coaches in the world, Wade Phillips.  A few weeks ago if this had happened […]

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AI Besiktas Welcoming

“They were great,” Allen Iverson said of the cheering Besiktas fans who welcomed him at the airport, “the most important thing is to be accepted, to be wanted and to be appreciated.”  Iverson has recently agreed to a $4 million, two-year contract with Besiktas of the Turkish basketball league.  Iverson promises to show “something they […]

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SF Giants WC Magazines

Just spend the best $15 ever at Boarders, bought two SF Giants World Champion Magazines.  Click the article to see the other magazine cover.

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NFL Week 9 Picks

Who would have thought the Kansas City Chiefs at the Oakland Raiders would be Week 9’s best matchup?  KC will win this one, but do I see the Raiders putting up a good fight. The battle for the AFC West won’t be easy and it won’t be televised (Raiders home game, come on now).  Other […]

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Bittersweet World Series Championship

Now that the Giants have won a World Series as the San Francisco Giants I should be jumping for joy but I am merely very happy.  From 1993 to 2007 I was a hard core Giants fan who rode and died with the team.  I have profound memories of not only watching the Giants on […]

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Moss Waived

“I’m going to go ahead and start this thing off. I’m going to go ahead and say this. I think I said something a couple weeks ago. Look, I got fined $25,000 for not speaking to you all. Me personally, I really don’t care. But at the same time, I do answer questions throughout the […]

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Get Fit with Mel B

Get Fit with Mel B has just given me one of the best workouts of my life.  Imagine being able to get a 30 minute customized workout anytime you want with Scary Spice encouraging you every step of the way.  The PlayStation Move let’s you train on-screen, right next to Mel B. The game uses […]

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AI to Turkey

Turkish music was filling the air in the Versailles Room on the second floor of the St. Regis Hotel in New York City where Allen Iverson held up his new black and white jersey for Besiktas, the Turkish team, he just signed a  two-year, $4 million contract to play for  in the Turkish Basketball League. ”I just think, […]

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