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This is the one everybody wants to know about.  Who is that nobody that no else knows about.  Does it have to be a nobody?  I took Drew Brees in the 4th round last year, but everyone knew about him.  I would say that was a super sleeper pick and a steal in the draft.  I feel bad for the guy that took Brady with the 4th overall pick in the draft.  Sleepers can be busts too.  For example Jeff George goes to Atlanta and I knew him and Andre Rison would be big that year.  I figured taking Jeff in the 6th or 7th round would be a steal.  Well I couldn’t make the draft and teamed up with a friend to have him draft.  Worst mistake ever and that will never happen again.  Taking Jeff George in the 1st round??  What is that all about.  He had a great year but I could of had him so much later and it cost me Steve Young, Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Andre Rison and etc.  What was he thinking.  Yes I still dwell.    

After reading magazines and articles on the web, here is a list of guys I like. 

Anthony Gonzalez, Colts:  If this guys ends up your 3rd WR you are a very happy man.   The colts are a passing team with Manning leading the way.  Now that Harrison is gone its just Wayne and Gonzalez as the two receivers.   Gonzales has had 2 years to learn the system, which makes this is his 3rd year and receivers tend to break out in their 3rd year.  Remember lets not draft this guy in the first round but the 6th-7th round would be good.

Roy Williams, Cowboys:  Here is another known receiver that I like.  He finally has a good QB all to himself.  Yes Witten will be the main target, but for some reason Romo does not like throwing to him in the red zone.  Romo tends to throw to his receivers.  I think Williams steps up this year and finally produces like he should be.  He knows the system now and he is the best target for Romo.

Pierre Thomas, Saints:  This guy really stepped it up last year when they gave him the ball.  Bush looks really overrated and he reminds me of another Warrick Dunn.  He is just not big enough to carry the load and will not be a goal line back.  When it comes to one and goal Thomas will be your guy.  Thomas averaged 4.8 per carry last year and fumbled once while Bush is yet to average 4.0 and he has fumbled 11 times in the last 2 years.  I think Thomas will be a top 15 back. 

Lendale White, Titans:  If you are in a touch down league, this is your guy.  He is in the best shape of his career and he is in a contract year.  He is looking good at the work outs and he is looking for a big pay check next year.  He should get about a 1000 yards and double digit touch downs. 

Here are some unknowns that I like this year.

Brent Celek, Eagles:   The eagles have so much confidence in this guy they let LJ Smith go to Baltimore.  Did anyone else see this guy catch 10 passes in the NFC Championship game?  Celek should be a top 10 TE and will help your team reach the promise land.

Daunte Culpepper, Lions:  I know I know and I wouldnt make him my starter either, but he should be a great back up on your team.  He has lost 25 pounds so far and he is looking like he did when he played for Minnesota.  Speaking of Minnesota I remember a certain offensive coordinator named Scott Linehan that is now Culpeppers coordinator again in Detroit.  I remember the glory days of Chris Carter and Randy Moss, how about you?

Earl Bennett, Bears:  Cutler has to throw to someone.  Hester and Olsen will be the main targets, but there will be a lot more balls to go around.  I think Bennett has the inside track.  Did anyone else catch that Bennett and Cutler played one year together at Vanderbilt?

Shonn Greene, Jets:  Jones and Washington are holding out for bigger contracts.  I have seen a lot of injuries come to guys who hold out.  They will come to camp and play, but they wont be happy.  Washington will still be the 3rd down receiving back, but I think Greene will start pushing Jones for snaps on first and second downs. 

Zach Miller, Raiders:  I think this guy is capable of being a top 10 TE grabbing about 65 balls and 5 TDs.  Russell will either be better or Garcia will step in and throw the ball, which means better quaterbacking.  Besides, he is the best target they got. 

John Carlson, Seahawks:   If there is one thing I pride myself on, it is finding TEs deep in the draft.  Why waste your early picks on TEs when you can get equal talent later in the draft.  Will these guys be top 5?  Probably not, but they will be top 10.  Who are these guys?  Celek, Miller and Carlson of course.  Carlson was great as a rookie and will only get better with time.  Seattle finally found that TE they needed to catch the ball.  55 catches and 5 TDs last year.  I think he will keep those numbers even with “whose your mama” in the house.

Here are some players I think will be busts this year.  to be cont……

Dr. Scott Riley writes exclusively for CloudFantasy.  Email him here.

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