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2011 Fantasy Football 101

Having  just done a Fantasy Football Draft and Mock Draft I have made many observations.  Chris Johnson who you can argue is the best Fantasy Football Player is only going as high as 5th in most draft due to everyone being so scared he isn’t going to sign, if you can draft Johnson 2nd (Adrian […]

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Fantasy Football’s Number One

Most people are usually debating between CJ ,AP, MJD for the number one selection. For those of you that don’t know those initials, they stand for Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Maurice Jones-Drew. You can’t go wrong with any of those selections, however I would like to show some love for my main man from […]

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TO Bengaling

It was fun while it lasted.  Terrell Owens is now being drafted 2-3 rounds earlier than before signing with the Cincinnati Bengals.  What were people thinking, that no one would sign TO?  I still say he can get you 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns.  That makes for a fine starting first wide receiver.

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Scary Fantasy Football Picks

There are two players that I am scared of drafting this year, Anquan Boldin and Brandon Marshall.  They both might be elite wide receivers in this league.  But in terms of fantasy stats with their new teams with questionable quarterbacks and offenses I can’t honestly tell you if they are worth the risk of drafting for […]

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Fantasy Football Rankings 2010

Here are the 80 players that are worth drafting.  This list was made after conducting various drafts and mock drafts.  Anyone not mentioned is either over rated to the point there is no way to draft them at a fair spot, about to get injured, never going to be good this season or ever (in […]

Top 10 Defenses

One of the most underated parts of Fantasy Football are defenses.  You need a defense that can score some points on occasion.

An interview with Thomas Harkins of

I recently discovered something was missing from my Fantasy Football life.  What was it?  I needed a new way of showing off  dominance in my field.  I needed a fantasy football league trophy.  But who could get me one? specializes in this very thing.  But there is alot more that I and my fellow fantasy sports […]

Top 10 Kickers

1 Stephen Gostkowski, NE:  This is a no brainer.  He has been #1 on my list for years now.

Top 10 Tight Ends

Tight Ends used to just block back in the day.  But now they catch, and boy do they ever catch.

Top 10 Wide Receivers

1.  Randy Moss, NE:  Everybody loves to hate this guy, but man when he wants to play he can play.  With Brady back this guy will play.  With the possibilities out there I have to target this guy as my #1 WR.

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